B2C Web Content

Travel Industry - Tour, Hotel & Destination Content

dreamtrips.com, 2016-present

At this international membership-based online travel agency, I'm heavily invested in writing the very best DreamTrips copy possible, from in-depth tour descriptions and hotel information to compelling destination details. Having an untamed wanderlust certainly helps!


Construction Industry - Blogs

Freelance, 2009-present

Blogs are beneficial because they're an easy way to connect with customers by showing them your expertise. They also help with search engine results.


Retail Industry - Product Listings

Freelance, 2009-present

As a successful freelance who specializes in SEO product listings, I'm always in demand for copywriting from clients in various industries, including women's apparel and jewelry sold on Amazon.


Retail Industry - Product Descriptions

jcp.com, 2009-2015

I've written approximately 36,000 product descriptions across all departments. Each description is original copy that's informative and factual as well as engaging. SEO plays an important role, and I've been trained to select the correct keywords to increase search results. Examples below.


Travel Industry - Hotel Descriptions

hotels.com, 2009

Hotels come in all stars, each with their own features and amenities. At hotels.com, I wrote hundreds of descriptions that also touched on location, nearby attractions and airports and quick facts.

Romance Industry - Online Dating Profiles

match.com, 2015

Writing about someone's life in order to attract the right person is very exciting. I've re-written over 100 member profiles, and they've had awesome results.


Real Estate Industry - Property Descriptions

ARAusa.com, 2007

Writing in-depth marketing literature on a multi-housing property was my main focus for this company. Documents were between 20 and 30 pages and covered all aspects of this property, including a description of the property, neighborhood, schools, highways, entertainment venues and shopping.

Real Estate Industry - Neighborhood Descriptions

t2realestate.com, 2009

When you're thinking about buying a house, the neighborhood is a big consideration. I provided over 30 descriptions of neighborhoods in the greater Dallas area.


B2B Web Content

Published Articles (2)

January 2007

Here's a story about a co-worker of mine: Following in Grandfather's Footsteps.


Newsletters - Corporate

Newsletters take a lot of expertise, from gathering the articles, editing them--in some cases, writing them-- and proofing them. Here is an example of one of the many corporate newsletters I produced.

Press Releases

March 2003 - February 2007 http://www.pinncorp.com

I wrote and published over 60 press releases for the Pinnacle Corporation.


Published Articles (1)

CAO and Item Level Inventory Case Study


Newsletters - Employee

Employees need to know what's going on, and in as a PR writer, I created a newsletter every month that covered everything from new hires to birthdays to corporate events.


Web Content Writing and Web Page Design

Business Web Site: Flash Fitness


From the bottom up, I hardcoded the HTML and wrote all the content for this Web site.


Business Web Site: Barrier Pest Control


From the bottom up, I hardcoded the HTML and wrote all the content for this Web site.


Business Web Site: EP Marketing Solutions


This client needed content for her new business Web site. I also provided her with advice on design and development.


Fun Stuff

25 Years of Wednesday Night Ultimate

My friends celebrated 25 years of playing ultimate frisbee together. Here's my article published on our message board.


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